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PILAT3S is a Dynamic Reformer Pilates concept designed to broaden the appeal of Reformer Pilates, taking it from a niche practice to a mainstream and accessible fitness option through the integration of curated music and studio technology.

Our Routines.

Control your body, enjoy your life.

Based on decades of experience, PILAT3S is made of three types of routines designed for all fitness levels.

Move with grace.

Align and elongate your body through a variety of open rotations and dynamic movements.

Last longer, go stronger.

Tone your body with this dynamic flow, featuring burnout and pulse sequences for enhanced sculpting.

Powered by you.

Power[ed] by you. This class is aimed at building strength through dynamic and compound movements using dumbbells and the reformer.

Make the right move.

Through a unique blend of traditional and dynamic Pilates methodology, PILAT3S offers itself as an integral part of clients exercise regime, enhancing their approach to fitness.

About us.


Immersive experience

PILAT3S transcends traditional fitness routines by incorporating a multi-sensory and tech-driven approach. In-studio technology enables the synchronisation of music, lighting, programming and visual display, creating a boutique experience that is both scalable and uniquely differentiated in today's market.



PILAT3S routines have been designed as a complementary fitness activity that showcase the benefits and accessibility of Dynamic Reformer Pilates. By highlighting the ease of integration and advantages of PILAT3S as a complement to other forms of training, we broaden the appeal of this training modality.


Accessible to everyone

The PILAT3S methodology is built on three pillars of: Precision, Progression and Personalisation which find expression through our routines and instruction, making PILAT3S classes accessible and enjoyable for all.



PILAT3S Academy aims to broaden the appeal and accessibility of Pilates certifications by providing both a Reformer Foundations training course, in addition to the Dynamic PILAT3S methodology training; providing the opportunity for individuals in the fitness industry to grow with the PILAT3S Academy.

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